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Positive Power Words                                            Weekly Sales Tips - published since 1999

If you were paying attention to the last U.S. Presidential campaign, you heard all sorts of words being hurled back and forth among the candidates. 

"Change" and "Experience,"  were two words that stuck.  A few of the other words that were tried out did not last.

Some of the words were effective and made a difference; other words had no effect whatsoever - or they had a negative effect.


In the business world this is referred to as test marketing.  The words that stick will be seen and heard over and over again because they have been found to be successful.

There is an old saying:  "Let's throw it up against the wall and see what sticks."

Fortunately, for those of us involved in marketing, millions of dollars have already been spent testing words.  Marketing research has discovered which words consumers respond to most favorably.

YOU can use these words in telephone calls, direct-mail marketing, faxes and e-mails.


Seven Positive Power Words that get attention in sales calls and direct-mail marketing letters:

   *   Program.  Example:  "This new HP Laser Reward Program will work perfectly for your new printers."

   *   Save.  Example:  "With these compatible toner cartridges, you will save 40 percent over the OEM cartridges."

   *   Alert.  "Today I'm calling to alert you about a price change in the products you purchase on a regular basis . . . "

   *   Powerful.  "You can see more of these powerful Positive Power Words in my e-book "Triple Your Sales with Direct Mail Marketing" offered as a bonus gift with this month's special offer."

   *   You   - The second most important word to every person - after his or her own name.

   *   Support.  Example:  "You can get unlimited customer support and help after the copier is installed . . . " 

   *   Preferred.  Example:  "Because you are a preferred customer . . . "

Anytime you can use these words (not ALL of them :-) in a sentence, you will get attention - in a good way.

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