Helping you connect with your future loyal clients
Some people call it telephone marketing or                 Where else you can find me:     worse, "telemarketing.”                                                                                                              
I like to call it "connecting with your future loyal clients."

Making cold calls does not have to be a painful and frustrating experience.

It can be a smart way to build credibility with future clients + increasing your sales and profits.  Yes, really.

Intelligently crafted opening statements lets people know how you can help them – in the first nine seconds of your call – without turning them off and making them want to reject you and hang up. 

A well-developed introductory statement attracts interest and attention and gives you credibility – without making you feel sleazy.

I’ve helped thousands of customer service and sales people gain more trust in the eyes of their prospects and increase sales.

I work with business owners, sales managers, sales reps, wholesalers, resellers and team leaders.  (Want to see what they’re saying about my coaching and sales training?)

If you’re ready to outsell your competition,
drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you!

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